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How to Use Data Expressions to Gather Data from Multiple Layers?

07-14-2021 01:22 PM
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Hi Everyone, 

I have a map with probably 12-15 feature layers that contain information that I would like to summarize in Dashboard in lists, charts, etc.  So far, I have gathered that I need to do this through a new Data Expression because Dashboards only lets me choose one layer at a time otherwise.  I have almost no experience with Data Expressions or Arcade, so I am not quite sure how to do this.  I have searched for explanations that I could understand, but so far I have not had any breakthroughs.  If anyone knows of good resources, ideally, straight to the point of what I am looking for, it would be much appreciated.  Again, my main goal is to be able to extract data in two to three fields for each of these feature layers, so that I can use that data to make charts, lists, etc.

Thank you in advance, 


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