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How to embed a link to shared a folder ArcGIS dashboard

11-01-2020 03:07 AM
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I am creating ArcGIS dashboard in ArcGIS Portal. And would like to embed a link to a shared folder in our organization which needs to be open in a separate window. 

It was working in the earlier version of 10.6, and after migrating to 10.8 it is not pointing to the folder, but going to a blank tab.

Please share your your experience and solutions. 

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Is this just a hyperlink added in as a rich text element etc? If the folder permissions aren't assigned to users, could it be that the folder needs to be added to the ArcGIS Server data store, and/or that permissions need to be granted to the server?

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I am trying to add the link in the list element in the ArcGIS Dashboard.

The path which is different for each feature is stored in the attribute table. The folder permissions are given to the required

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