How to change a coded string to a string

06-18-2021 07:45 AM
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I have coded strings in my dashboard that severely restrict what filters I can set.

Is there any way I change these to string values and add the domain list in Portal?

In Portal the column is set to string it's only in dashboard it defaults to coded strings.



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Hi @RachelScott,

A string field appears as a "coded string" when you want to use this attribute field as a filter on your dashboard if:

  1. Field has an attribute domain.
  2. Field is used to symbolize the layer*.

* If the layer's symbology is configured on the map, it won't change the field type on dashboard. Only if the layer style is saved to the layer from the web map or if it's changed from Visualization tab and is saved to the layer. 

If you need to use this field as a "string" field to filter your data on your dashboard, you can remove the domain or change the symbology (use a different field or use "Show location only"), or alternatively, create a new field, calculate values from the original field and use one field for domain/symbology and use the other field solely for applying a filter on your dashboard. 




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Thanks MJ,

It probably is the domain attribute. I went in to 'Delete List' but I keep getting a message 'There was an error'.

If I delete each one on the list individually it still sees the list being there and keeps it as a coded string.


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