How to bring second map from Survey123 into Dashboard?

10-11-2022 08:27 AM
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Hi. I recently gave my students a 'welcome to class' survey using Survey123, which included 2 maps - one where they made a point, the other where they made a line.  Now that I'm generating a Dashboard from their survey results, I can't seem to find the second map with the lines....when I go to make a webmap from the stakeholder version of the survey, there is seemingly no way for me to select the second map - it just defaults to the first (point) map.  All the fields for my other questions are there to select from, but not the map elements.  Is this a known issue with Survey123/Dashboard, or is there a workflow I'm needing to learn?

Part of the survey showing the 2 maps:



Sarah Blake,

GIS Instructor, Skagit Valley College

Mount Vernon, WA, USA


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Hi Sarah,

The ArcGIS geodatabase model only allows for one single SHAPE (geometry) column per feature layer, so this restricts the number of geo questions you can add to a survey to one: either one geopoint, or one geoshape or one geotrace question.

You can add multiple map questions to your survey, but only the first map is being recorded in your data. If you look at your survey in the web designer you would notice that your second map has been set to 'do not submit the answer'. 



The ability to add a second map question to your survey allows users to use the response in additional calculations. If you need to capture additional geometry information, you would need to use Survey123 Connect, and add your second map question in a repat. 

This blog article goes into using repeats to add additional geography questions. 

- Jen
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