How do I get the map to display full extent in Dashboard?

01-16-2020 08:36 AM
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Reference the attached image. We have a public snowplowing status viewer that has been well received. I've been exploring creating a dashboard, instead, to show all of the views "at a glance". I want to show all of the "Last x hours" views at their full map extent but what you see in the attached image is the absolute fullest extent I can achieve.

I would expect that the full extent would be honored within whatever map widget window size I create but that doesn't appear to be happening. How do I get the smaller map widget windows to show the full extent of our city?

Am I missing something?

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Hi Brian,

I hope Issaquah is fairing well in the snowstorm this week. Here are a couple of documents to reference. 

It looks like the maps are each at the same scale but the extent is being cut off by the size of the Map Element frame. To get these to show the same area, you would have to set the scale to zoom out on the smaller frames. 

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As PNW snowstorms go, it was fairly straightforward. Our Public Works Operations crew did an amazing job (as always) keeping up. And, selfishly, I love that the snowplowing status viewer becomes one of the highest trafficked items on our website during these storm events!

Thank you for the link. I had come across that before posting and gave the second method a quick try. The first method--bookmarks--isn't feasible because it is noted that the bookmarks aren't persistent even though you save the dashboard. That's unfortunate and seems like a huge design flaw within Ops Dashboard.

I tried the second method again before replying. My original extent extends well outside of our city limits but I increased it even more, figuring that I could refine it if the result was trending in a positive direction. I removed and replaced the web map in my dashboard and the extent was still the same as before. I think the second method might work well for extents smaller than the full extent though.

I'd really like to understand the Ops Dashboard Team's thought process when designing the map window's functionality. My expectation is that if I create a map window on my dashboard--of any size--that the map will interact within the boundary of that window. So, if I draw a postage stamp-sized map window, my map's full extent will be displayed within that "postage stamp". Not very useful in practice but that would be a failure regarding my dashboard design decisions and not a technical issue with the map window.

Unfortunately, this shortcoming is yet another within Ops Dashboard that is causing me to abandon its use (again) for what would otherwise be a perfect medium for presenting data to a less technical audience.

If anyone has other ideas regarding a solution I am open to hearing and trying them!