Category selector change serial chart data (Operations Dashboard)

01-16-2020 10:31 PM
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I'm wondering if it possible to change the appearance of a Serial Chart, using Category or Number Selectors in a Operations Dashboard.


1. The Serial Chart is configured to have a Date/Time as the X axis.

2. The user selects 'Rain (24 hours)' using the category selector.

3. The Serial Chart is the target of an action, which draws Rain as the Y value.

4. The user selects 'Temperature (24 hours)' using the category selector, which de-selects 'Rain (24 hours)'.

5. The Serial Chart draws Temperature as the Y value.

P.S. I would also like to know if it is possible to change the symbology of map features (using a Category Selector). e.g. high temperature points are red, low are green colour.


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Hi Jack,

To clarify is the end goal to have category selector change the Y Values for the same Serial Chart Element or different Serial Chart elements?

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Hi Claire

The Category Selector could change one or more Serial Charts. It depends on the use case.

e.g. There are 3 Serial Charts, they are configured to show:

  • hourly timescale
  • daily timescale
  • weekly timescale

By default these don't show any chart elements.

Upon making a selection in the Category Selector, (e.g. Temperature), the 3 charts re-draw to display the chosen data set, with the varying timescales.

Selecting 'Humidity', would again re-draw the 3 Serial Charts to display the chosen data set.

Thoughts, Claire Hofius?

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