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Hi there, I am trying to show cumulative cases over time (COVID) on an ArcOnline Dashboard. I have dates and case counts but cannot seem to symbolize by anything other than "new cases per day." What I would like is to show total cases each day so that the

08-05-2020 11:51 AM
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Trying to figure out how to display cumulative cases, vs cases by day, on a dashboard.

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Hi Elyse, Do you still need help with this? Here's a blog post that might have additional info as well. 

 Getting to Know the Coronavirus Response Solution Dashboards.  Let us know if you have any other questions. 

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The answer depends on how your input data is set up.  What fields do you have in your data?  Do you want indicators for "today", or a trend chart for all dates?

We've ended up pre-processing our COVID data in order to get a data structure that is easy to work with in AGOL.

The main table we are hosting in AGOL looks like this: 

I think the main thing is you are going to want a row for each day and columns for any variables you want to graph or have indicators for.  You can see that we are pre-populating a TotalCases and NewCases (and many other variables) for each day, which makes it easy to produce serial charts.

Our COVID dashboard started out modestly, but as you can see has gotten more and more packed with info as time has gone on...

Washoe County NV COVID-19 Dashboard 

Bottom line - you can do a LOT with Dashboard, but you have to get the data set up in the right way first.


Washoe County GIS