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Help using spatial join tool

04-17-2024 03:37 PM
New Contributor

I'm trying to use the spatial join tool to determine "crime" that happens closest to police stations, using ArcGis pro. I have 2 separate attribute tables, one for crimes in a region with fields: address, district, Offense (from a list of 3 types)- the other is for police stations with fields: address, city, state.

the question for the problem set is to determine the number of crimes committed closest to each police station and generate a table with the number of crimes for each station.

So, I'm using the spatial join tool where TARGET features are the police stations, where JOIN features are the crimes. I'm using a one-to-one operation type, with Closest as my match option. My thought to solve this was the generate a new output field that used the count merge rule to sum the offense field. It returns a value of 1 for each police station. Clearly I'm not asking the tool to give me the analysis that I want, and I'm not sure how to fix this.

any help greatly appreciated.

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