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04-15-2021 08:16 AM
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There seems to be a bahaviour change in the way background image looks in a Dashboard header - specifically the way that selectors look.

In Dashboard Classic, the Selectors "blocked" the background image...


However, in the "new" Dashboard, now out of beta, the background image "bleeds" into the Selector...


In my case, this makes the Selector hard to read, even hard to see that it's there.  The selector is fine when you interact with the selector...


Is this a bug? If it's by design, then there should be a way to apply a background fill or colour to the selector so that it can be made more visible.



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Yes things have changed with dashboards compared to dashboards classic. Good news though we are continuing to look at the selector design so there will be more improvements in this area coming in future releases.

Until then, could consider changing the text colour for the header title which would also apply to the selector label to make it stand out more against the background. Depending on the background image size, perhaps some of the other placement options such as left, or center would adjust it enough to reduce the conflict with the selector. 

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Improvements were made to the configuration options for selectors in the Header Panel with the June 2021 release. Selectors will block the background image and will honor the element background color if set. 

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