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Filter data for fields populated with multi-select questions in Survey123

08-14-2018 06:49 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I was wondering if there might be an easy way to provide a filter for fields completed using a multi-select question in Survey123.

Survey123 converts user input to this type of question into a string where selected values are separated with a comma and no spaces (e.g. "Option1,Option2,Option3"), so hard to use as a filter due to the large number of combinations. Filter options will also look quite informal and out of format.

As a workaround I have created a field for each selection that will add "1" if checked or "0" otherwise. I can then bring each individual field to the filter and have an action that will update the others depending of the selection. However, this solution requires patience and a advance level in manipulating dashboards that make it pretty inefficient.

Please advise.

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Hi Javier, I am in the same position as you. Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to use multi-select answers from Survey123 with the Category Selector in Operations Dashboard. ESRI Customer Service confirmed this to me via email yesterday. I have proposed an idea on the forums to alter the Category Select query operators to allow for the easy querying of multi-select answers from Survey123. I'd appreciate your vote, hopefully we can get some visibility on this! Link below: 

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