Configuring Stacked Bar Chart for 10 Industries per County

12-28-2018 01:57 PM
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Hi All

I'm trying to configure a bar chart showing the percent share of total employment & total wages for 16 industries per county for our state, which has 83 counties total.  Ideally, the chart would look like the image below. 

Both attempts at capturing & displaying these data horizontally (#1 below) and vertically (#2 below) have failed:

1) For each county record (row), I added 32 fields (i.e., columns) with corresponding values (1 wage value for each of the 16 industries, 1 employment value for each of the 16 industries).

2) I added 3 fields (i.e., columns), one to specify the 16 industry types, then 2 more fields to specify the employment & wage percent share for each of those industries.  This resulted in 16 rows for each county, since there were 16 industries with corresponding values.

How do I create this from the serial chart tool?  I would like to link it so it updates for each county the user selects from the list.

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