Filter by "is This Week" not rendering minimum period of Day

12-13-2021 05:38 PM
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As part of our on-going Covid-19 support within our communities, we are distributing testing kits via our mobile testing teams. The number of kits distributed are then submitted via a Survey123 form.

I've setup a dashboard so that our back office can track the numbers of kits leaving stock and collate our returns. The first pane of this dash has been setup to show the number of kits distributed "This week", however, even though we've had three submissions of data today (first day of the week) the serial chart is not rendering when the period is set to day (rendering fine when set to hour or minute).

Anyone any ideas what's wrong?


but then,


The filter is clearly visible, Monday is definitely this week, there's data.

Any ideas what is happening here?


As a footnote, I've an indicator setup to show the trend compared to the "Last Week" and it's giving me a correct figure and comparison.

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