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04-12-2014 12:31 PM
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I have field capturers capturing the Location of Schools, Clinics , Police Stations as separate layers,
I need to show the Summary of Captured points per layer but , I can show a summary (count) of one layer on the View.
How do i set the Widget in such a way that when the User Click, on Clinics Layer or Schools , the Total Number of Captured points for that layer is displayed on the Summary Widget?.
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I have a similar issue.

I have several layers that separately contain information about police stations, fire stations, schools and etc. in my web map. However, I want to use summary widget to count and display all of these objects in current map extent. For instance, summary widget shows that there are 10 schools, 2 hospitals and 1 fire station in current map extent.

Can I configure Summary widget to summarize data from several layers at one time?

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