Embedded Content as an action triggered from a LIST

02-04-2022 04:57 AM
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I'm am trying to have embedded content (youtube videos) triggered when a specific feature is selected from a LIST.  I have multiple youtube videos showing conditions at multiple sites.  These sites are features on a map and also with data in a serial chart.  I want to be able to select the site from my LIST which will trigger the specific video linked to that site to begin playing.  Is this possible?




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@RyanKopp you may have already found a solution to your issue at this point, but I thought I'd throw out a suggestion to look into.  I'm not sure how you'd do EXACTLY what you want to do, but have you considered adding a field to your feature layer attribute table that would contain the URL to the youtube video?  Then you could play around with different ways to access that attribute (from the pop-up, or creating a "detail" view in the dashboard, using the "list" to populate the detail view of your attributes, which would then show the URL and allow the user to click the link from there).  I'd have to play with this to see how it would function, but it's just a thought.  I don't know if your videos are fairly static or change frequently.  

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