Displaying unique values on the list

11-26-2019 01:45 PM
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Hi there,

I am trying to display unique values (no duplicate) in the list. I looked into filter and there is no function that removes the duplicates. Could you please guide me how to display unique value in the list? or is there any other way of displaying unique values (apart from list)? Waiting for your reply.



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Hi Muhammad Yasir‌,

Have you figured out a solution to this problem? I am currently running into the same problem where I have multiple rows of duplicates within a list widget and I'd only like to display the unique two, but still have them connected to other attributes for displaying the correct value once the user clicks on another layer on the map.

Thank you

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Did you guys figured out how to remove duplicates (multiple rows) within a list widget?. I am trying  to create a category selector where i will pull a list of unique names rather than each instance of the same name. Creating a static list won't work for two reasons: 1. The performance will be affected since is a list of 12,000 names and will be static list 2. I only want to display the names of who has submitted a form in Survey123.

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Hi Illiana. Nothing has been figured out to date. Maybe in the next iteration of the ArcGIS Dashboards‌? Let's keep watching this post.

Thank you,


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I'd like to see this functionality added too. I can remove duplicates if I set up my category selector to use "grouped values" instead of "features." The problem with this method is that the "features" selection does not allow for the map actions like zoom, pan or show pop-up window.  So if I want to enable those actions, I have to have duplicates in my category selector which is confusing to the user and looks bad.

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Had the same problem but finally found the way to do this:


  1. Make sure you are using the new Dashboard (ex-Beta) version
  2. Add the list widget and select "Data expressions"
  3. Get your feature's itemId and layerId from the ArcGis Assistant.
  4. Use this example from Esri and change the parameters to your details in step 3. The key is in the GroupBy, where you can choose your desired 'unique' feature column. 
  5. You can then use your unique/grouped list to filter the rest of your dashboard!
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