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Dashboards List and Details Problem

10-05-2023 11:07 AM
New Contributor

Having an issue with a Dashboard where I want to have a list element work with a details element for playground inspections. The list element is the list showing each playground, and the details element is the details of the inspections. Since each playground is different, each inspection attribute table is different. What I've done is merge all of the inspections into a 'playgrounds all' table which has every playground and every inspection field in it. My issue is when I select a playground from the list, the action shows every inspection in the details element (from the playgrounds all table), showing a ton of empty values which I don't want to see. I only want to see the inspection for the the playground I select, not everything from the 'playgrounds all' table. My problem is basically not being able to include multiple table layers in the details element, or so I think. I haven't had any success trying data expressions, arcade expressions, or pop-up configurations. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem?

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