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11-12-2021 08:09 AM
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I developed a Dashboard early this year 2021. Everything checked and worked fine. Recently noticed the indicator and series chart showing incorrect information. My indicator and chart dynamically change based on map view extent. For example, there are 4 points showing in map view, my indicator and chart showing 7 or other amount instead of 4 counts. It took me some time to realize the program may use a bigger map view extent extract features to report. Anybody has similar issue? What happened to the new release Dashboard?

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Hi @AnnieD_WLP , thanks for reaching out! There was an update on map extent filter handling in the last release, where in certain scenarios, the extent filter will return approximate results. Refer to doc here

Map extent filters for public dashboards

For publicly shared dashboards to be able to perform and scale for high demand and large amounts of traffic, the following are considerations and best practices to follow when using map extent filters:


When a map extent filter does not follow these considerations, the resulting values on target elements may be approximate.


From your description, however, it sounds like your dashboard is private, in which case that would be a bug. We are currently working on the issue and are targeting a fix for the upcoming December release. After the release, you should go back to seeing accurate results. Thanks! 

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