Dashboard selectors and map pop.

10-12-2021 11:49 AM
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We have an Experience Builder Application that will be going live shortly. The application contains a Dashboard which includes graphs and a map. Does anyone have any ideas on how to how to eliminate the all of the popups except for the one which is related to the selection on the map selectors? Also, in the imported map, the points sit on top of the polygons, and when selected, you always get the point popup on top. When it is brought into the dashboard, the watershed popup always shows on top.. Thanks for any help with this. Would be glad to give access if you want to take a direct look.
Note that in the original version built in Dashboard Classic, we did not have these issues.


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I am new to this, and you may already know this, but I have been told it all starts with your map and configuration of pop ups. In map viewer, you would click on configure pop and it lists all the items and  you can uncheck display.

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In researching this a bit more, it seems to be a bug that started when the Dashboard software was updated, and information was migrated from Classic Dashboards.  I still have an original version of this dash in Classic where this works fine, but I am unable to edit that version.

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