Dashboard Pie Charts and Multiple Selections

05-20-2020 07:08 AM
New Contributor

Hello, I am currently finishing up a Dashboard for feature inspections.  Each point feature that is to be inspected belongs to a Inspection Zone.  There are also four categories for the Inspection Status (Complete, Needs Inspection, Problem and Problem but functional).  The pie charts in the dashboard were created using grouped values based on the Inspection Status.  Also, the pie charts are filtered by Inspection Zone.  

I am wondering if it is possible to select two slices of different pie charts and have all the related points show up on the map.  I am able to select one slice and and the points will show up.  When I select two slices, one each from different pie charts, all the points on the map do not show up.  Is it possible to configure the dashboard to allow for the selection of multiple slices from different pie charts and for the corresponding points will show up?

Thank you

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