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01-12-2021 11:17 AM
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Is there a way on ArcGIS Dashboard to link a Pie Chart with a Map (using the same data layer)?

I have 10 General Land Use Plan designations that I would like to interact with the 10 designations on the pie chart.  Another words, if I select one of the 10 designations, I would like that same designation on the pie chart to be automatically selected.

Does that make sense?

Chris O

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I don't know if you've solved your question, but all you have to do is open the settings of your map then click the Layer actions tab towards the top. Then click Add action and select Filter. On the filter option, choose your pie chart from the Add target button. After selecting the pie chart, simply choose the fields that will be used to filter the pie chart. I believe the Source field comes from the map layer and the Target field corresponds to the chart.

Hope that helps.


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