Dashboard map != map viewer or desktop (given equiv filters)

02-07-2020 09:28 AM
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I have a point layer with about 44k features hosted at arcgis.com.  I have loaded it into Desktop 10.7.1, the arcgis.com map viewer, and a dashboard (also hosted at arcgis.com), and applied equivalent filters to each.  (where:  within last 365 days, and type is fire)

All three viewers correctly report the overall statistic that there are 388 such features.  However, the map in the dashboard does not RENDER all 388 features when zoomed out to full area of interest.  (the other two do)  Only when the dashboard map is zoomed in do the additional features begin to appear (examples circled in pink on zoomed dashboard map, compare to full AOI dashboard map).

Is this a bug?  Or perhaps a side-effect of returned feature count limit if dashboard map is performing its filtering on the client-side?  (if so, how to workaround?)  Is it expected behavior?  It certainly creates a misleading, and therefore utterly useless, presentation.

Thanks for any advice/insight.

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I am having this problem as well. This appears to be a bug.

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