Dashboard indicators with multiple layers

08-07-2019 02:14 PM
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Currently I am attempting to make a dashboard that has multiple layers (one for each of the floor layouts of a building). For this project I was attempting to use indicators to display the number of rooms on the floor layer that is visible. Unfortunately it seems as though an indicator can only be connected to one layer. 

Has anyone experienced this same issue?

Any work around? 

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So each floor layer is its own feature?  If so, is there any way that you can combine them into one.  If you were able to do this then you would be able to create an action that would change the indicator depending on what you're making visible.  Are the floors on a map?  How are they being made visible?

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Hi there,

I  have a similar issue. My data is divided in 3 layers (multipoints, lines, surfaces), but they have all the same attributes. It would be awsome if there is a way to create the graphs and diagrams combining the 3 layers as there subject/objective is the same independently of their shape.


There are several ideas about that, e.g.: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-dashboards-ideas/plotting-series-from-multiple-sources-in-the-s...

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Same issue here. I want to use multiple separate source layers in one dashboard graph, diagram, or indicator, but it only seems to work with one source layer.

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YES!  I need this.  I have multiple sites that are inspected daily with unique data forms (multiple feature classes) and want a Dashboard Indicator to show how many have been inspected today, so far (status).   Common field would be Inspection Date, but does not seem possible currently. 

Going to try creating a View in the DB (Oracle) that joins them all, then point to that table in Dashboard. 

Any other ideas??? 

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Finally my solution was to create a related table containing all of my data and duplicate some of the fields within the feature layers where I want my filters to apply and display on the map. This allows you to create your diagrams and graphs on the table layer.

It's not super clean as solution especially when your data changes, you'll have to update your duplicated fields in both the feature and the table layer.

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Hey, I have the same issue, but I thought this on github:


Its an expression to combine multiple layers to create a graph. Hope this can help you. I havent used it yet since I couldnt find the time yet. But maybe it helps you.

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