Dashboard Arcade Coding: Cannot figure how to write the code

03-30-2022 10:21 AM
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I am having trouble even figuring out if this is possible. I am essentially wanting to create an ArcOnline dashboard like this one I did in tableau. My boss prefers the mapping functions of ArcOnline over tableau. 

GNRC Dynamic Degrees of Vulnerability Dashboard | Tableau Public

What I can't figure out is how to write the function for the DOV score which is what is shown in the map. It basically takes all of the vulnerable populations and analyzes whether the percentage of the population is above or below the regional average. If it's above it gets a 1, if it's below it gets a 0. It then adds all of those together for each individual population and creates a composite score. I don't know if ArcOnline is just not as dynamic as tableau. But is there a way to create a field that will do what I mentioned above and then once a population is removed from the filter it will re-calculate. Or if the geography is changed it will recalculate?

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