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Dashbard Serial Chart Category Axis (Date) show entire year

11-24-2021 09:28 AM
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I'd like control over the x-axis in a Serial Chart where I have a Date field as the Category.  The chart wants to only display the range of dates for which I have data.  I'd like to be able to start the chart at Jan 1 and end it at Dec 30th, regardless of whether I have data values for that entire span of time.  I can control the min and max for the Value axis, but not the Category axis.

Any way to make this happen in Dashboard Serial Charts?

Washoe County GIS
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Same problem. Will try entering 'fake' data with the earliest date value I want to appear in all charts and null values for the y axis.

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That seems to work. Adding records to your dataset so that every location has the same minimum date value (with 'null' for the plotted value) and the same maximum date value (again - 'null' value for plotted value) will get the chart to start and end at controlled dates. If you have a value on either date, it is OK, because the actual value will plot and the 'null' will be ignored. Clunky but it seems to work.