Create assigments in workforce using operations dashboard

11-27-2017 08:22 AM
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I want to create assigments from my selection in Operations Dashboard and send this to a project in Workforce. Is this possible, and can someone give me the workflow for this?    

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Hi Jon,

Currently there is no out to the box solution for this. Operations Dashboard is focused on presentation and does not edit or create features. You might be able to create a custom extension for Operation Views that would work with the Windows based product.

In the upcoming browser-based Operations Dashboard, we are still maintaining the focus on presentation and do not edit or create features. 

As far as creating Workforce Assignments, is there a reason you want to use Operations Dashboard over the Workforce Web App? As a dispatcher, you can select features in the map and create assignments from them.

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Hi Aron, and thanks for your reply.

I have some large dataset where Operations Dashboard is a great tool to present and sort this data. Today am I using Powel Dashboard Template ( )which do the same as operations dashboard, but also have the ability to create assignments in workforce directly. I was curious if Operations dashboard could do the same, but it seems that I will continue with Powel Dashboard.

I find it easy to create single assigments in Workforce Web App, but when it comes to create assigments based on attributes, I haven’t figured out how to do this. Do you have any tips?

Thank you in advance,

Jon Anders

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You can script the creation of the assignments: GitHub - Esri/workforce-scripts: A set of scripts to help administer Workforce projects. 

The other possibility is to create your "Dashboard" using the Dashboard theme (Theme—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS ) in Web AppBuilder and add the assignment layer as editable layer and include the Edit widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS