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Convert a text field to a decimal field as an indicator

05-17-2021 09:36 AM
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I have a layer that is being shared in our portal from a different organization that I need to convert a field from a text to a decimal. I just need it to show up as a indicator as a SUM on the Dashboard. This is what I have so far and it is not working.



return {
//topText: '',
//topTextColor: '',
//topTextOutlineColor: '',
//topTextMaxSize: 'medium',
middleText: $datapoint["sum_PipeLengthActual"],
middleTextColor: '',
middleTextOutlineColor: '',
middleTextMaxSize: 'large',
//bottomText: '',
//bottomTextColor: '',
//bottomTextOutlineColor: '',
//bottomTextMaxSize: 'medium',
//attributes: {
// attribute1: '',
// attribute2: ''
// }

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