Configure a default zoom level in web map inside dashboard

09-24-2021 03:25 PM
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I'm trying to configure a default zoom level for a web map inside dashboard. Say I'm searching an address using the search bar on the web map and it is able to return a point, but I need to zoom in further and make that zoom level as default. The only place I see on the dashboard configuration is under Map > Point zoom scale. But simply changing that value didn't do what I need and it did not zoom in closer. Any solutions?







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Hi.  Having the same issue/question.  Search bar zoom is too far out and the map has to load more data than is necessary, affecting map performance and requiring the user to have to manually zoom in again.  Need a way to configure this behavior.  Just created an Idea for this:  "Customize search bar zoom scale".  Please support this idea with a Kudos.  Thanks!