Changing colour of Pie cart

01-07-2020 11:41 AM
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Hi there,

I followed the article (Operations Dashboard: ) to improve the visualization of Pie chart. I ended up showing three categories on the pie chart. However, all three categories have the same colour. When I tried to change the colour of each category, it only changed the colour of the "other" category. It didn't change the colour of the remaining two categories. I attached the screenshot of slices tab of the pie chart. Any help to fix the issue would be appreciated.

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Hi Muhammad,

It looks like the colors per category/slice are not defined in your screenshot. Try pressing "Load Categories" to auto-generate colors. If this doesn't work (e.g., if you have too many categories in your data) or you'd like to add just the categories shown, click the "+ Category" button and enter the string values of each category you'd like to define a color for. 

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Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I pressed "Load Categories" multiple times. I think I have too many categories. I can't enter the category manually as it changes according to different scenarios. Any other suggestion????

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