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Change date format displayed in date selector widget

02-07-2018 07:18 PM
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Does anyone know if you can change the display format of the date selector? I am using operations dashboard on arcgis online.

It appears to only show the date in MM/dd/yyyy format. I want to change it to dd/MM/yyyy.

I realise you can change the date format in the various windows (eg graphs) but the date selector does not appear to have any options for the date format displayed.



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For info it looks like this has been fixed in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 (or possibly even in an earlier version) so presumably is also working correctly in AGOL.

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Following on from my previous reply, I've got two different Portals, both at 10.7.1 and both have default dates set to Great Britain, dd/mm/yyyy, in organisational settings.

If I create a blank dashboard, add a date selector and set to date picker, one portal displays it as dd/mm/yyyy and the other displays as mm/dd/yyyy.  In both cases I'm logged in as an admin user and viewing within the same browser session in IE11.  Unfortunately the one that is showing incorrectly is our production Portal so it's not necessarily fixed in 10.7.1 and there might be another factor involved here.  Have checked date/time and regional settings on both servers and they're exactly the same.

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For this you need to do a trick by going to your profile, then go to My Settings >under section Language, number, and date format section, you can change the date setting as US or UK and the change will affect your Dashboard's Date Selector.



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by Anonymous User
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I think as a community we need to have something like this idea

ESRI default date JSON display format across entire suite of platforms 

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Did this issue get solved? I am having the same problem, but don't want to create a new post if it's here already. I have checked the country and language settings on my machine are UK format. I've configfured the pop ups in the layers as UK format. I've checked my Esri profile which is UK format, and I've checked the organisations country settings are UK format. The date selector still shows as American format and there are no options to change it in the dashboard. Thank you.


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I'm having exactly the same issue - Date Selector in Dashboard showing as US format despite all settings configured for UK. We're running Enterprise v10.9 so the problem is still apparent in latest versions.

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