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Can you update a widget source to use a new layer in the base webmap used to create?

09-21-2017 09:36 AM
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I have a Dashboard created from a Web map. One of the layers changed in the Web map and now I need to reflect that same change and either edit or build a new widget from that new data source. 

Is this possible, or do I have to rebuild a whole new Dashboard now that I have changed or added a layer?

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HI James-

No, you don't have to rebuild it. I'm not sure if you are meaning an op view or dashboard, so I'll include both answers here:

1. Operation View (desktop): Edit the view, and click on the gear icon (Map Settings) above the map. This opens the Data Sources window. The new layer will be present as a data source. Check the box. Then, either edit an existing or create a new widget using that data source.

2. Dashboard (new beta in browser): In the Config of the visualization, click the Change button. Select the layer from the webmap list and click ok.

I hope this helps!



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That worked! Appreciate the help with this.