Can you embed a dashboard into a dashboard and then use URL parameters to filter that dashboard?

01-29-2024 01:47 PM
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I kind of assume that this cannot happen but I thought I would ask. I have a dashboard with category selectors that filter my map and widgets. Simple stuff. However, I have an embedded dashboard (of the same data) into my dashboard that has widgets that I want filtered based on the same category selectors. Can I filter my embedded content with these category selectors using URL paramters?

I assume I cannot since I cannot pass a specific URL from a category selector into something else, right? It would look kind of like this image:



I'm using portal 11.2 but would consider using ArcGIS Online as well.

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Hi There
Parameters can be passed from one app to another app using ArcGIS JS API, the inner dashboard should be an application accepting external parameters, can be hosted in IIS in case of windows environment.
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Thanks for the reply. So, it sounds like, out of the box, this cannot be handled. Would you use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript to create the dashboard application for the inner dashboard?


One way I wish I could solve this problem would be to "group" a group of widgets within a dashboard group, but it seems that ArcGIS Dashboards just allow for one depth of groups, not multiple.

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