Can you create a category selector that filters across multiple fields?

02-19-2019 08:15 AM
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I am trying to create a category selector that filters records across multiple fields.  For example, the drop down for the selector would include multiple work order categories such as:

Cannot Locate (CANNOT_LOCATE = 'YES')

Covered Over (COVERED_OVER = 'YES')


Each one of these categories has it's own definition query, but each queries a separate field in the same feature service.  Ideally, each time the user selects a category from the drop down list, the application would filter/display those records on the map and provide a count of them in an indicator.  Does anyone have any examples out there that do something similar?  Does the dashboard provide functionality to do this?


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Hi Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS‌ team

I'd like to do this too. I thought I was close by using the "Defined Values'' option within a Category Selector. However, I can actually only apply that defined value to a single layer and a single field within that layer. As Samuel Hildebrand‌ asks for above, the ability to query across more than a single field would be welcomed.

Derek Law