Can the date-based filter be configured to NO time zone?

07-17-2019 03:21 PM
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Hi All, 

We have a database, services, ops-dashboard setup that collects and displays data from locations all across the US.  The widgets in the ops-dashboard are tied to a date-based filter using the "TODAY" setting.  The problem is the query that gets generated is TODAY for the browser not TODAY for the location being collected.   Even if we convert the database time values to UTC, the queries still miss data on the ends.  Ideally the "TODAY" setting would create a value that is agnostic to time-zone.   We have too many locations to publish services for each location with the specific time-zone defined and that wouldn't be a very scale-able solution as locations change.  

Is there a way to disable the time-zone conversion details in the widget?  Is there any way to specify I want "TODAY" in a specific time-zone without attaching it to the service definition?

We could create this without 'much trouble' in a custom dashboard but our requirements are to use "out-of-the-box" functionality and apps only.  It doesn't seem like that requirement and the functional requirements will mesh?



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