Can't veiw feature service attachment in web application embedded in dashboard

09-22-2021 02:09 AM
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Hi All,

For managing purpose, we created a dashboard classic and embed few web applications for different stakeholders.

The issue we are having from about 1-2 month ago is that all the attachments in from the layers in the web application can't be viewed through dashboard. It's shown as is blocked (see attached "message")

But when I try to view the attachment directly through the web application URL (Not through dashboard). I can now see the attachment. (see attached "attachment")

We've checked:

  • attachment url & token are exactly the same and it is working when we copy and paste in the new tab.
  • different broswer - Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge.
  • network - we try with different network to ensure it is not because of the fire wall blocking.
  • Create a new dashboard and embed the web application again. The attachment is still blocked.

Does anyone happen to encounter the same issue?




Kind Regards,

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