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07-31-2015 04:16 PM
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I going through the ESRI dashboard tutorial (Redlands Earthquake Response) and when I create a new Multi-display Operation view and go to add a widget, most are grayed out. I can only access Map, Chat, Description and Legend. The Summary widget asked for in the tutorial is unavailable. I have been given Publish rights in ArcGIS online and I'm able to create a new Multi-display Operation View but I can't use all the widgets.

I also just tried creating a Single Display Operation view using the same web map and CAN use all the Widgets. What's up with the Multi-display view?



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Hi Brent,

What you are seeing is correct.  When you create a multi view dashboard, you are asked to create widgets for it.  The first one you would normally make is the map widget (just like the steps in the tutorial).  Once you have loaded the map widget and set the data sources, all of the other widgets will become active- they use the data being driven from the map.  The summary widget will work once you have set your map up and selected the data sources for it. Also you can have mulitple map widgets within the same view.

The single view works differently in that you can't do anything before loading a web map.  It also only supports one web map at a time (which is why the map widget will never appear as an option in SIngle view).



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