Can I place the Operations dashboard on my website

05-08-2019 08:27 AM
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This might seem like a dumb question but is it possible to insert the operations dashboard into a age on my website? If it can be done how do I do this? I tried inserting the address in an iframe but got a blank screen.



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Hi Alan,

> ... is it possible to insert the operations dashboard into a page on my website?

Yes, this is a supported workflow. Please see this help topic,

Embed maps, apps, and groups—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

Hope this helps,

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@DerekLaw , can you confirm that, while a Dashboard can be embedded in an iframe, it is not viewable on iOS devices (specifically iPhones), similar to the issues with Story Maps (  We have a Dashboard embedded in a webpage ( which can be viewed on desktop browsers and Android devices (Android 11), but not on iPhones (iOS 14) in either Safari or Chrome.



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I think something is wrong with this web page outside of there being a Dashboard in it. When clicking around on the page, I am repeatably getting that error message. 


I was able to see the Dashboard, so I don't think there is anything preventing the dashboard from being embedded. See screenshot below.



iPhone X

iOS  14.4