ArcGIS Dashboard Beta - Selector - Cannot type to complete a selection

02-19-2021 11:57 AM
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by Anonymous User
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In ArcGIS Dashboard (prod), I created a Selector for Zip Codes.   In that version, if I started type, it would start filtering the zip code e.g. 945...   I could continue to type the whole zip code, press enter and the selection would be made and the map action would zoom to the zip code polygon.

In ArcGIS Dashboard Beta, for the same Zip Code Selector, as I type in it begins to filter, however, the only way I can select a specific zip code is by clicking one with the mouse.   If I continue to type in the full zip code and press enter, it clears the selection and I must start over.  

Here's  a screenshot of prod:


Here's the Beta version:


Here's a short video clip

Can this be fixed soon?  Or is there a setting I'm missing?



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by Anonymous User
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I agree with Steve. Being able to simply hit enter on the keyboard is great user experience, it's intuitive! 

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