Calculate filter for year-to-date for last year

12-17-2019 01:06 PM
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Hello, "Active" members of the community,

Question: How can we create a date filter that filters year to date for last year in the indicator? The only option I could see is Last year. Is there any way to implement year-to-date for last year?

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I'm pretty sure dashboard cannot filter by date. I've had to add numeric fields to data to indicate year and month as 19 & 1 for January, 2019 etc, and then set my filters on that....

That should just about do it....
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Hi Muhammad,

As you found, you can filter on a date field where "date-time is [within the] year to date". There is not an option for "year to date last year", however. This is a great idea and sounds very useful. I have taken note of this request in our system.

For the time being, I believe you can achieve this with two filter constraints: "date-time is last year AND date-time is before the last 365 days". For today that would translate to a constraint for (between 1/1/2018 AND 12/31/2018) AND (before 12/18/2018). 

Note: This filter would have to be adjusted in the event of a leap year (if Feb 29 present, then use 366 days).

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Thanks, David. One more idea that you should consider for the future is to let the user define its own Year-to-date period. The definition of Year-to-date is very broad, especially in Industry. Some people think Year-to-date as the calendar year (as operation dashboard also does). However, some people use the Year-to-date option to calculate the financial progress or outcome, in that case, Year-to-date should be from 1-07-Current_year to 30-06-next_year. Or some people want to use their Year-to-date to calculate or filter the data related to the regulatory year that could start from 1-04-current_year to 30-03-next_year. It would be good if the operation dashboard allows user to define the period of year-to-date by the users.