Automating the workflow in dashboard

11-05-2021 08:05 AM
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Hello All,

The data for my dashboard comes from ArcGIS Pro. I create a map in ArcGIS Pro with data from SQL Server and publish it as web layer to ArcGIS Online. then, I make the required changes in the map viewer and use this map as the input layer in the dashboard. I have to update this dashboard on a monthly basis.

I am looking at automating this workflow. Please let me know if you have tried automating a similar workflow before or have any suggestions for me.

I am looking at Data Model using Model Builder and Python scripts as a solution. Just starting on these two.

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Hi, any luck on automating your workflow? I'm currently doing something similar with a dashboard I've created and was hoping I'd find someone that has had success finding or writing a script or mode. 

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You can up vote this idea, it would be useful with your use case: Update the arcgis.apps.dashboard to support the ne... - Esri Community

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