Attachment Images not displaying in new Dashboards details widget and Experience Builder Feature info

01-17-2022 05:06 AM
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Hi All,

Ever since acquiring ArcGIS Enterprise, I am having issues displaying image attachments in the new ArcGIS Dashboard and Experience builder applications. This specifically affects reference layers i.e. layers published from our EGDB not hosted. We upgraded to 10.9.1 hoping that the issue would be fixed but it appears that reference layers still do not display.

In both the ArcGIS Dashboards details widget and Experience Builder feature info widget, the image only displays a greyed out thumbnail as below:

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 15.12.03.png

I went to the map viewer to try and turn off list view to see if it can display in gallery view but I get the error, this layer only supports "list view".

image (2).png

For our current workflow, we really need the images to display in both applications and it is crucial that we use reference layers as opposed to hosted layers. Is this a know bug and if so, how soon do we expect it to be fixed? Otherwise what could be the issue here? @DavidNyenhuis1 / @DavidMartinez / @TonghuiMing 

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For Experience Builder, this is a known issue in Enterprise. We plan to fix it in 11.0. 


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Hi @WeiYing1 would you estimate when this version will be released and how this affects ArcGIS Enterprise? Shall we be able to access this version from Enterprise 10.9.1?

Would you also kindly know if the bug will be fixed in the new ArcGIS Dashboard?

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