ArcGIS Dasboards- Zoom/Flash/Pan Actions Not Working

08-05-2021 01:57 PM
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Hello ArcGIS Dashboards Team, 

We've recently run into the issue where the actions from a List widget do not work on a map. The list widget (controlling the actions) is rendering an arcade expression and the Filter action does work, but the Zoom/Flash/Pan Actions do not work. This will be a public facing application, therefore we need this action functionality. 


Amanda Huber




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Are the features added to the map as a Feature Service or a Map Image service?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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@jcarlson they're a Feature Service

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I have several dashboards with a 'pan' action on them that does not work in ArcGIS Dashboard. They worked in 'classic' dashboards (and still do - I've tested). When I set a pan or a zoom action, the result is a zoom or a pan to a blank space. I can hit the 'home' button and see all features, but when I select one from the dropdown - blank.

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