Accessing data shared privately on your own site at AGOL for Data Expression in Dashboards

10-20-2021 02:17 PM
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I'm attempting to create a data expression from a published dataset on our site in ArcGIS Online using the FeatureSetByPortalItem function.  The data has not been shared as of yet due to just starting the build out of the dashboard.  I can't seem to find the proper syntax for accessing this data, the instructions say that the portal is "https:\\", our site on AGOL is prefaced as "".  When I attempt to look at the rest services (which it is only a feature layer rather than a map service or feature service), I get that a token is required.  I did find the full URL for this one with the Token, so am able to see the listing of the layer IDs (only one).  Putting in the, I get that it failed to fetch.  I was able to create an expression using data from the living atlas, however, it isn't the data that I want to use.


EDITED TO UPDATE:  just testing various combinations, I was able to use as the portal and the itemID and layer ID, it started working and gave me the list of the data in the feature set.  Not sure if there was a wait time or what.  Now to add the calculations that are required for some data coming out of this feature set.



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