Word Cloud for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

12-18-2018 09:42 PM
Esri Contributor

Similar to the word cloud functionality in survey123, it would be extremely useful to have the ability to insert a word cloud and be able to exclude generic words. I'd personally use this to judge sentiment of free text comments from a survey being visualised in Ops Dashboard.



This is a pretty interesting idea. Even moreso if your dashboard is setup with category or time filters--gives you your own makeshift "Trending" widget! I like it.

The ability to filter out generic words is key, and would be even better if that filter could be customized (in case your data makes certain words more common but you're not interested in adding them to the cloud, such as "species" or "customer" or whatever).

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Yes please! Would be extra cool if the word cloud would filter based on changes made in the Dashboard, like the other widgets. 

I'm working on a set of apps surrounding Poetry, and it would be very cool to view the different word clouds based on different regions of our city. Same with citizen 311 reports, etc. Thank you!


This would be awesome! Can't wait for this to be developed.