Timer Widget for Operations Dashboard

11-06-2018 10:14 AM
Status: Implemented
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We are using Operations Dashboard in our Provincial Emergency Measures Organization.  We have several layers related to the current emergency event that have date/time info.  I want a widget that will look at the current event, and determine how many hours/minutes/seconds we are into the event. 

Time since <<Event>

or Time since EOC Activation:

      HH     :     MI     :     SS

      Hours Minutes Seconds

Status changed to: In Product Plan


In ArcGIS Dashboards Beta, we have added an Arcade capability to both our List and Indicator elements that allows for fairly advanced conditional formatting. I believe something along the lines things along the lines of what you are asking for is described in this blog post



Status changed to: Implemented

ArcGIS Dashboards now supports Arcade in two ways: data expressions and advanced formatting. Used individually or together, these new additions open up many new possibilities. Examples were recently shown at the Esri Developer's Summit.  A collection of samples has also been started on GitHub