Spatial filter - within option

03-10-2021 10:21 PM
Status: Open
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Currently the layer action to filter another layer by spatial (not attributes) seems to have a built in buffer and it is selecting polygons that are actually outside of the selecting polygon.

It would be nice to have the option to specify either entirely within or overlapping, as per other selection tools in ArcGIS - eg: Web App Builder selection widget provides options two options for selection mode: one is to select features that are totally or partially within and the other is to select features that are completely within.

A workaround is to create a new polygon layer just for this purpose with a small negative buffer and this seems to work, but adds data management and accuracy issues.

Example below:

Pic 1 - Map element - Layer action with spatial filter method


The selecting layer is a by-product (dissolve) of the layer being selected, so is a perfect match to the boundaries.

Pic 2 - the neighbouring suburbs are selected, presumably because they touch.


Pic 3 - configure workaround using a negative buffer of the selecting features


Pic 4 - result with the workaround in place





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Odd, I'm currently experiencing the opposite with points lying directly on a polygon boundary.  I have ward boundaries where points representing planned traffic/pedestrian crossing signals are placed directly on the polygon edge with hopes they're selected when either of the adjacent ward polygons are chosen in the selector.  However, the result is that they are selected in one ward polygon but not the adjacent one.  I suppose my workaround is to create buffered ward boundaries that slightly overlap, but my current results suggest that there's not a "built in" or default buffer