Snapshot/Export Widget for Operations Dashboard

04-16-2020 08:18 AM
Status: Open
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Real-world Problem: Emergency Managers like to see "live" data in an Operations Dashboard, yet they are required to put static pdf maps into daily reports. In some cases, this is a legal documentation requirement. GIS Specialists spend an inordinate amount of time every day creating and maintaining "paper" maps for export that are separate from the real-time dashboards that Emergency Managers rely on for real-time information.

Audience: GIS Specialists, Plans Team Managers, Incident Command, Emergency Managers.

Technical Problem: Operations Dashboard does not include an automated export feature.

Solution: A snapshot widget that is built into Operations Dashboard would be useful to allow a .pdf, .jpg, or .png export of the dashboard at a user-defined time interval. When it is time to create their daily report, personnel can grab the export and put it into their report. 

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Also having a timestamp embedded on the export would be helpful.


This would be really valuable, situation reports are done a couple of times a day in our civil defence office, dashboards are a go-to product for civil defence, but for dashboards, in general, a print widget with a title and time stamp etc, would be great given they often show Current state of a changing situation. Time enabled data is often a bit too complicated for some agencies, but a print widget of some sort would be a great all round addition. 


absolutely essential


I agree, this is essential. Users want to be able to export data to a list. Once they've filtered the data and are able to preview it with various metric widgets, the ability to export to csv and further analyze that data is critical.


I was also directed here by an idea that needs an export data to excel format in the dashboard and I want to vote that one up too.


Print / export and print functionality is needed in our organisation too.  We wish to use dashboards in rapidly changing situations but also to report longer term patterns and trends.  We have some managers that want to dive in and interact with dashboards, others really want a poster on their wall or a graphic in a report.

We also have a lot of users with small screens, which does not maximise the value of dashboards.  Those users wish to be able to e.g. export a high quality dashboard to A3 PDF for printing.



This is totally essential. Our organization relies on reporting metrics that can be printed or imported into another document for validation.

This was possible 15 years ago using ArcMap in combination with Crystal Reports. Just need the same functionality again.



Please add a print widget. It would be really helpful for our organization. 


Dashboard desperately needs to have list/table selection exports to CSV and Map print capability.


I am stuck between web app builder and dashboard. Both have functions I need but neither have both. This is a real problem when trying to train folks already unfamiliar to the platforms.


So true @WesleyCollins. I know that improvements are being made, but the inability to easily export a pdf "snapshot" of a dashboard or export a csv of a feature service through a dashboard is a major hang up.