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Remove June 2023 "Click to Select" Dashboard Update or Restore old select functionality as an option

07-27-2023 07:52 AM
Status: Implemented
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Due to the implementation of the new "Click to Select" functionality in the June 2023 Dashboard update (Map selection improvements: Click it to select it! - Esri Community), the usability of two of my dashboards (one is client facing) has been severely degraded and I'm going to have to completely re-configure it or just downgrade its functionality. The issue I am facing is that we need the ability for the user to EITHER select a feature OR view it's pop-up (i.e., we need the ability for a user to view the pop-ups of other features without exiting the selection in the map). We also need the user to be able to accurately select the intended feature when there are features close together or overlayed, which used to be an option with the old select tool.

I have a list widget set to filter upon the selection of features in my map. With the old functionality, the user could have a feature selected in the map, which filtered the list widget and opened a survey123 in an embedded content widget, and then they could view pop-ups of nearby features to get information needed to complete the S123 form. Now, if they want to view a pop-up of a different feature, it exits out of the selection and they lose all progress on the S123 form, which renders the workflow I set up pretty much useless.

The other issue I am facing is with multiple selections. With the old select tool, if you selected multiple features, you could then select from a list which specific feature you wanted to select. Alternatively, you could open the pop-up and select just one feature from the pop-up interface. There is no longer the option to do this. If you click features that are close together or overlayed you have no choice but to include all of the features in the selection. I have a widget that aggregates multiple datasets features into one list via arcade and I need the ability know I'm only selecting one feature, otherwise the user cannot adequately filter the list via the map.

I understand there may be some workarounds I could use, but it would mean spending hours and budget we don't have re-configuring both of my dashboards. The new "click to select" functionality should be an option as it might be useful for some, but it should not be the default.

Status changed to: Implemented

Rolling back selection to how it use to work is, unfortunately, not an option at this time.  For the foreseeable future, we will have the new pattern in place for making a map selection. With that said, we are attempting to resolve some of the challenges some customers have expressed with how the new pattern impacts their dashboard configurations.

In the release of ArcGIS Online that is going out this week, more flexibility is offered at design time with respect to what happens when a map gets clicked. In the following example, clicking a map will show a popup (only) and dragging a rectangle will perform a selection. Hopefully you will be able to find a configuration that meets your project needs. 






@patrickb thank you for the update! This update will be helpful.