Operations Dashboard: Threshold in Gauge Widget

12-31-2014 01:38 PM
by Anonymous User
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Managers and Executives need a method for establishing and monitoring goals for field collection.
This pattern is inherent for any user that needs to generate summary statistics on features and compare them to pre-established goals (stored in a polygon).
Here's a specific example:
Command staff in a law enforcement organization is attempting to set specific measurable goals for focus areas. Our Key Performance Indicators (reflected as separate feature services) are:
# of Field Interviews completed, # of Probationers Contacted, # of Warrants served, # of Parolees contacted. 

Operations Dashboard is an easy-to-configure and likely client for this use case, and the guage widget is ideal for monitoring data and comparing that to a goal.  Here's a view for what this would look like:
This is a selection of multiple point features inside of a selected polygon.  The widgets are displaying counts of selected features compared to an intended goal. 

Unfortunately, those widget thresholds are 'hardcoded'  in the widget configuration.  Thresholds (or goals) can't be differentiated and subsequently monitered by focus areas.  Law Enforcement Command staff can't set separate goals for separate areas.
Here's the product enhancement request:
We should be able to set the threshold value using a value in a selection from a separate feature service. 

by Anonymous User

1) As of now the Operations Dashboard has only one threshhold limit in the Gauge. It would be better if we can have multiple optional threshold limits in a gauge (Ex: Low, Medium, High; two thresholds). In this way the dashboard manager can effectively view business workflows, that may have more than one threshold limit. If the threshold limits are labeled, we could call them in the alerts as well.

2) We have an option of "Raising Alerts when the value is below threshold". It would be ideal if we even have an option to raise alerts when the value increases beyond the threshold. In this way critical statistics with values greater than the threshold value can be effectively monitored. Ex: High Temperature, Excess Load Limit etc.

3) Introduce a target value that summarizes an operation performed on one or more attributes in a table. For ex; Maximum Value = {Adult_Population} + {Child_Population} + {Senior_Population}; Threshold Value = 0.75 * ({Adult_Population} + {Child_Population} + {Senior_Population}). This would be a great workflow in the Summary Widget and Feature Details Widget as well.

Very good insights! I am also struggling with low functionality of Gauge gadget.

Great post, Philip!

We have a quite similar problem in one of our customers: let's say we want to measure how many stores have been visited. I can create a filter to count how many stores have a 'yes' in the 'VISITED' field in the gauge.

First, I need to go back to the map and show the table to know the number of stores in my dataset in order to configure the gauge's max value. But the gauge's maximum won't change when you filter stores (by store chain or by sales rep, for instance); it will keep showing the total store count as the reference value, which becomes useless.

In this case, it would be neccessary that the maximum value for the gauge was the count of features of the layer, so it can respond to filters.


I want to use the gauge widget for my Census dashboard for the self-response in an area. The gauge would still be 0-100. The needle would point to the current rate. The shading below the gauge range would be the response rate from the previous Census. This thought process would work well for elections turnout (compare similar elections) too.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@Anonymous User The gauge element in ArcGIS Dashboards supports the setting of more than one threshold. Being able to calculate those thresholds via a calculated statistic is a separate/different idea that has been submitted by others. I will try to merge your ideas with theirs so that everything can be tracked in one place. 


I keep wishing that we can set thresholds from fields.  We have dynamic data with numerical thresholds that change daily with fire weather forecasts.  I'd have to manually set these by hand each day, but I'd love it if that functionality was added and would totally use it.