Operations Dashboard - Simple Count summaries

01-08-2014 03:32 PM
Status: Already Offered
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In the Operations Manager product please add the ability to create charts that support simple COUNT of unique feature attributes. Currently the chart widgets seems to be very limited to SUM, AVERAGE, MAX and MIN on numeric columns these are powerful aggregates but most agencies also rely heavily on count aggregates.

Bottom line count operations are simple and a critical piece for any dashboard tool  

Under Widget config - Display Type, there should be an option for "Display Attribute Counts as Bars".  This is the only way I need to display data and it's not there. . . .
I second this, I don't have numeric values, I need a count of unique features in the chart widget. Very disappointing I now have to abandon Operations Dashboard and go back to desktop for this.


The ability to categorize by Group is being added to the web-centric Operations Dashboard that is releasing in December. I realize this is a very old post, but wanted to follow up and let you know this capability along with many others are being added into the new Serial Chart element. You can beta test this now.



Status changed to: In Product Plan

@RonnieRichards The ability to count unique feature attributes is currently available in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta and we have written a blog post about what we have exposed thus far.  Over time, we will be expanding the number of places this new capability shows up.   

Status changed to: Already Offered