Operations Dashboard Scrool bars.

11-29-2013 02:24 AM
Status: Already Offered
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When we add graphs or list under the map the scrool bar stays vertical. However, the vertical space is limited in that view. Therefore, a horizontal scrool bar would be more efficient.   

Status changed to: Already Offered

@aykut_alpgirayates Although not via a horizontal scroll bar, ArcGIS Dashboards provides a very robust layout.  It also allows its visual elements to be re-sized at runtime. For this to be available a dashboard's author must enable element resize.  


Hi @patrickb, I would argue that the current functionality does not meet the use case set out by this idea.

For example, We have a dashboard which contains a list element presenting attributes within a table. The table width is often times (depending on the screen you are using) too large to show all of the cells, and  resizing the element doesn't necessarily allow you to visualise the full width of the table. It also reduces the visualisation of the rest of the dashboard. It would be better to have a horizontal scroll bar so that we can easily view different sections of the table while looking at the other elements displayed on the dashboard.